You deserve a secure retirement after dedicating your life to working and providing stability for yourself and your loved ones. At Premier Planning Professionals, We are committed to helping our clients plan for that journey and prepare for the retirement they dream of. We believe that dreams and finances deserve to be treated holistically. That’s why we prioritize the humanity of our clients over their net worth. Our independence allows us to custom-curate financial plans for multiple income levels to help get you to the future you envision.


Bill Beyer
Founder & President
Fiduciary Financial Advisor
Bill Beyer has always understood the grit and determination it takes to build a stable life. The son of blue-collar workers, he values the hard-working American. The genesis of Bill’s journey in the financial sector stems from deeply personal experiences within his own family. Witnessing the arduous six-year battle that his grandmother bravely fought against lymphoma was a catalyst for Bill’s mission. Seeing her journey, especially the unfortunate consequence of needing convalescent care that led to the depletion of her hard-earned assets and independence, profoundly impacted Bill’s perspective.
This eye-opening family experience instilled in Bill a resolute commitment to ensuring that individuals and families across the nation are equipped with robust financial strategies to protect their assets, secure their futures, and maintain their independence, regardless of life’s unforeseen challenges. Bill Beyer is a seasoned expert with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the industry. Fueled by a desire to provide unparalleled service and dedicated guidance, Bill transitioned from a tenure at a large corporate firm to create an independent advisory agency, driven by a passion for truly serving clients’ needs. Premier Planning Professionals, a distinguished national insurance and financial planning agency founded by someone who truly has lived through the experiences he now helps prevent.
Premier Planning Professionals stands as a testament to Bill’s unwavering dedication to offering personalized, client-centered financial solutions. The agency’s ethos revolves around empowering clients to navigate the intricate landscape of insurance and financial planning with clarity and confidence. With a wealth of industry insight and a strong foundation in compassionate service, Bill and the team at Premier Planning Professionals prioritize understanding each client’s unique circumstances. They craft tailored strategies aimed at safeguarding assets, optimizing investments, and fortifying financial security, ensuring that clients are well-equipped to navigate life’s uncertainties without compromising their hard-earned prosperity.
Through a combination of expertise, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to client success, Premier Planning Professionals stands poised to redefine the paradigm of insurance and financial planning. Bill’s vision is not merely about securing financial stability but about empowering individuals and families to live their lives with confidence, knowing that their futures are safeguarded against the unexpected.
At Premier Planning Professionals, Bill and the dedicated team are devoted to helping clients achieve their financial aspirations and preserve their legacies, embodying the belief that meticulous planning today leads to a more secure and fulfilling tomorrow.
Financial Advisor & Insurance Broker
David J Bellisle, born and raised in Putnam, CT in 1967, found his roots firmly planted in Danielson, CT after becoming engaged to his wife Carol in 1993. With three decades of marriage under their belt, David and Carol have built a loving family that includes two daughters and a cherished grandson.
Raised with strong family values by his late father, David learned early on the importance of integrity and the power of a handshake. His father’s timeless wisdom, “The only person that can tarnish your name is you,” continues to serve as a guiding principle in David’s life and career.
Despite earning a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering, David’s life took a different turn after his mother’s courageous battle with breast cancer in 1993. Inspired by her resilience and determined to make a positive difference, he transitioned into the insurance and finance industry with a newfound passion for assisting families in navigating life’s uncertainties. David’s personal motto, “I treat every client like they were my own parents or family,” underscores his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and support.
David thrives on building personal connections, preferring face-to-face interactions where he can sit down at his client’s kitchen table, listen to their needs, and develop customized solutions for their life and retirement goals.
Beyond his professional endeavors, David finds joy in pursuing his passions for travel, golfing, fishing, and hunting. He treasures moments spent with his family, whether exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying each other’s company at home.
With his dedication to integrity, personalized service, and community, David Bellisle is a trusted advisor and valuable asset to both his clients and the Premier Planning Professionals team.
Retirement & Insurance Specialist
Candice is a compassionate insurance professional with a deeply personal connection to the industry. Inspired by her own family’s journey through medical challenges, she embarked on a career in insurance after witnessing her parents’ resilience in the face of adversity.
After watching her parents battle cancer and experiencing the financial strain it placed on her family, Candice felt compelled to make a difference in the lives of others facing similar circumstances. Her father’s medical journey, which included numerous surgeries and the eventual amputation of his leg, taught her the importance of comprehensive health coverage and financial preparedness during times of crisis. Witnessing her mother’s dedication as a full-time caregiver further fueled Candices’s determination to assist individuals and families in navigating the complexities of insurance.
With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University-Pueblo and an MBA from New England College of Business and Finance in Boston, MA, Candice brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience to her role as an insurance agent. Her background as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT for 16 years reflects her commitment to serving her community and helping others in times of need.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Candice is an avid pool player with the APA, demonstrating her competitive spirit and love for social interaction. She shares her home in Brooklyn, CT, with her fiancé Jeff and their two beloved dogs, embodying her passion for animals and nurturing relationships.
Driven by her personal experiences and fueled by her desire to make a positive impact, Candice is dedicated to empowering her clients to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage, particularly as they plan for retirement and prioritize their health and well-being. Her genuine care for others and her commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to the Premier Planning Professionals team.
Co-Founder & General Counsel
Anjuli, Bill’s beloved wife and the nurturing mother of their two children, embodies a remarkable blend of professional prowess and familial devotion. Rooted in the teachings of her immigrant parents, she champions the values of diligence and education, which have been pivotal in shaping her journey.
Hailing from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Anjuli embarked on her educational odyssey, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Technology from the University of Connecticut. This foundation laid the groundwork for her multifaceted career. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she pursued a law degree from Quinnipiac University, enriching her understanding of litigation and contracting.
However, her educational aspirations didn’t end there. With an unwavering commitment to personal growth, she attained an MBA, equipping herself with strategic management skills crucial for success in the business realm.
As Bill’s cherished life partner, Anjuli seamlessly integrates her professional achievements with her role as a devoted mother. Her unwavering dedication to their family is paralleled only by her tireless efforts in contributing to the development of Premier Planning Professionals. With her astute legal insight and strategic vision, she has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of our company.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Anjuli finds solace and joy in nurturing her family and exploring the wonders of the world together. Her journey exemplifies the harmonious balance between career excellence and familial devotion, serving as an inspiration to all who know her.
Retirement & Insurance Specialist
Tim Fava knows firsthand the importance of being prepared for life’s unexpected turns. Losing his father at the young age of 67, when retirement seemed like a distant reality, was a wake-up call for Tim and his family. The sudden loss, without proper preparations in place, was a chaotic and challenging time.
Motivated by this experience, Tim realized the critical need for comprehensive planning, especially when it comes to retirement and financial security. He understood that life is short, and being prepared for the unexpected is essential. This realization led Tim to make a significant career change, leaving behind his previous profession to pursue a path where he could help others avoid similar pitfalls and uncertainties.
With a heart for service and a commitment to making a difference, Tim now specializes in retirement planning and insurance. He finds immense fulfillment in guiding individuals and families through the complexities of financial preparation, ensuring they have the right strategies in place for a secure future.
Tim’s approach is guided by Proverb 14:11, which emphasizes the importance of seeking counsel for safety and security. He believes that proper guidance and planning are essential for navigating life’s journey with confidence and peace of mind.
Outside of work, Tim loves meeting new people, forming friendships, and providing reassurance through proper planning. He understands that each client’s situation is unique and takes pride in offering personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs and goals. Tim’s keen attention to detail, combined with his strong work ethic and collaborative spirit, make him a vital asset to the Premier Planning Professionals team.
Retirement & Insurance Specialist
Steve Notarangelo is a compassionate insurance professional driven by a deeply personal mission to support families through life’s challenges. Graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice, Steve brings a unique perspective to his role at Premier Planning Professionals.
With six years of experience in the financial services industry, Steve’s journey was profoundly influenced by his father’s enduring battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and dementia, spanning three decades. Witnessing his father’s resilience in the face of such adversity fueled Steve’s determination to make a difference in the lives of others.
Steve’s commitment to helping families plan for the future is rooted in his firsthand experience of the impact that chronic illness can have on retirement income and assets. He is driven by the desire to ensure that no family faces uncertainty unprepared, drawing from the lessons learned through his father’s journey.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Steve finds solace in the support of his loved ones, including his parents, siblings, and extended family. He shares his life with his girlfriend Alex and their cherished dog Axel.
In his leisure time, Steve indulges in various hobbies, from playing music to golfing, snowboarding, and traveling. His passion for live music, particularly Phish, reflects his vibrant spirit and zest for life. Steve’s dedication to his work and his unwavering support for his family make him an invaluable asset to the Premier Planning Professionals team.
At Premier Planning Professionals, our name says it all. A solid future starts with a strong plan, and our team has the knowledge to help you on your financial journey. We have built a practice that puts clients at the core, and our fierce independence allows us to design tailor-made plans for the individual. Our mission is to help you build a sturdy foundation that will enable you to live your life on your terms. You’ve created your life. We can help you protect it.




Our expertise lies in crafting holistic financial plans designed to help empower you to live freely. Our team strives to educate our clients through personalized, relevant services that will give you a sturdy financial foundation and help you live out your dreams for retirement. At Premier Planning Professionals, we want to help you find your way to an independent future with retirement planning, insurance, Medicare, and tax management, all while hedging for inflation and prioritizing lifestyle preservation. By laying the groundwork now, we can help you plan for a reliable future that you can be excited about



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